Tutorial Added: Equilibrium and Disequilibrium in the market

Shortage and SurplusThe word equilibrium means at rest. Equilibrium in the market is the combination of price and quantity from which there is no tendency for buyers or sellers to move away. In a graphical representation, equilibrium means the intersection point of the supply and the demand curves.

Equilibrium Price or Market Clearing Price is the price at which the quantity demanded of a good equals the quantity supplied.

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Unit 2 of A Level Tutorials Complete!

Tutorial Updates
Unit 2: Managing the economy

Topics covered in this unit:

1. Measuring the performance of developed and developing countries

– Measuring Economic Growth
– Measuring Inflation
– Measuring unemployment
– Balance of Payments
– Human Development Index
– Other measures of development

2. Income and wealth

– Circular flow of income
– Wealth and its relationship to income

3. Aggregate Demand

4. Aggregate Supply

5. Determining the price level and equilibrium level of real output

6. Causes, costs and constraints on economic growth

7. Macroeconomic objectives of governments

8. Demand-side macroeconomic policy instruments

9. Supply-side policies

10. Glossary of Unit 2 : Managing the economy

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