Quiz 8

Among the following, what is an example of an export for Maldives?


Smoked fish is an example of a commodity that is exported from Maldives.


International trade is not necessary because a country can always opt to be self-sufficient.


Doing international trade helps the countries to enjoy goods and services that otherwise would not be available in the country.


Which of the following theories says that countries can specialize in those goods in which they have relative cost advantage?


A country cannot specialize in the production of any product if it does not have an absolute advantage.


In global economy, countries are affected by global events that happen across continents.


How does international trade makes firms efficient?


Among the following select examples of barriers to international trade.


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  1. I was a student of economics.But from 2012 I am very sick.I am a patient of myopathy and breathing problem.This is very helpful for me to memorize.

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