This quiz is all about production possibility curves. You can read the tutorial here.

Man-made and natural disasters can shift or rotate the PPC ____________.


The downward slope of the PPC represents the _______________.


Why might a curved PPC be more realistic than a PPC that is a straight line?


What could be the reason for the movement shown in this diagram?


What is illustrated by a move from point D to any point on the PPC?


What is the opportunity cost of increasing the production of product B from 40 to 60 units?


Which point on this PPF is unattainable in the short-run?


What is the opportunity cost of moving from point G to Point C?


Different points of PPF denote alternative combination of ________ commodities that the country can choose to produce.


In general, along a production possibilities frontier which is a straight line, the marginal opportunity cost is _________________.


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