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The purpose of this website is to help Economics students in their study efforts. All the materials in this website are free content and can be used by students and teachers as references and study materials.

It is a fact that economics is regarded by many Maldivian secondary school students as ‘difficult’ and ‘boring’, resulting in many of them dropping the subject in the O’ Level.

There could be a few reasons for this ‘boredom’ and feeling of the subject being difficult:

  • The basic knowledge learnt in grade 8 was and is still not clear to them. Either the teacher’s approach was bad or the students did not care to learn it. If you ask 10 grade ten students ‘What is Economics?’, 8 of them probably would not be able to answer. This is the main reason why students drop this or any other subject.
  • The language barrier – Understanding of Economics is greatly affected by the student’s ability to use and understand English language. Therefore a student who is weak in English will find Economics difficult.
  • Finally comes the teacher’s ability to deliver the lesson in a way that will not bore the students. Economics somehow tend to make the students bored and sleepy in the class if the lesson is not interesting to them. However good the teacher’s knowledge of the subject is, the students will always frame him as a bad teacher if his lesson delivering skills is not good

Therefore, the aim of this website is to lend a helping hand to those students who wish to get good marks in economics. However, the information contained in some topics may not be adequate for someone who wants to do an in-depth study.

The website is in the development stage, many topics still need content improvements and still remain uncovered. I will keep on uploading them as I finish new topics. I appreciate any assistance from well wishers and knowledgeable scholars.

Therefore, feel free to give any suggestions and content improvements if you are of economics background.

The website currently has sections for:

1. Tutorials(Go through them before attempting the quizzes)

2. Quizzes(based on the tutorials)

3. O level MCQs (MCQs exactly as given in the specified papers)

4. Separate sections for A Level Tutorials

5. A section for Questions & Answers. Ask questions and I will try to answer as soon as I can.

6. Economics Ebooks

7. Business and economy news

About Me

Name: Mohamed Amir

Location: Male’, Maldives

Mobile: +9609904490

Facebook Group: Economics Guide(Join to receive updates)

Primary & Secondary School: Kaafu Atoll School

Higher Secondary School: Centre for Higher Secondary Education

University: Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia

Tertiary Qualification: Bachelor of Economics(hons)International Economics

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  1. I would like to appreciate your great efforts to improve students learning in Economics. Continue the spirit.

    Economics teacher

  2. I am a student from Kenya, your website is brilliant, it covers the syllabus immaculately. Thank you for your help

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