The American Iceberg: Debt, Inflation, and Money – By Bob Blain

On July 19, 2009, my wife Mary asked me to help her move a box of my papers stored in the garage since my retirement in 2001.  In the box I found the manuscript for The American Iceberg with “A Letter to the Citizens of the 21st Century” dated July 19, 1979.  I checked my calendar to be sure of the date.  Yes, it was July 19, 2009.  What an amazing coincidence.  Exactly 30 years later to the day, I could read what I had written about the debt crisis then.  It was like reading current headlines, for the United States is struggling now with the very exponential debt growth process that alarmed me in 1979.  I immediately began scanning the manuscript into my desktop computer so that I could update it.


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